The Wild Yarn Shop Open For Business!

First Podcast Now Available!

Last week The Wild Yarn Shop opened its doors for our very first customer!

Take a listen as we welcomed Biba to come and have a browse around, chat about knitting with vibrant colours, and lots of chat on degus!

The Wild Yarn shop is a magical yarn shop that changes for whoever visits it. It becomes the yarn shop that you dream about, and where you can chat about your most perfect day buying yarn or knitting accessories.

Biba is our first customer, but we’ll be having many more guests over the next few weeks. The shop will change every week as we get different guests.

Biba’s experience at the shop was a beautiful foray into why we all love yarn shops, and listening to it is the perfect thing to do while you’re knitting.

I hope you can join us, as we have just a nice time relaxing at the yarn shop.

Please remember to like, subscribe and share the podcast with all your knitting, crochet or yarn adjacent friends.

This link will take you right there...

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