Christmas Special Podcast Companion

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Hi everyone!

Thank you for listening to the Christmas special part one!

Some of you have been in touch already, and given me some lovely feedback ☺️ Thank you I’m so great full and it brings me such joy that you like it.

I’d also like to thank everyone who’ve been sharing this on their social media and shouting about it from the Christmas tree tops!

The nights are drawing in, the Christmas food is coming out and it feels like the perfect time to curl up with some lovely knitting and a good podcast! We’ll be picking up again in the shop at Christmas 🎄, the laughs and giggles continue Michelle’s had to pop out to do her Christmas things but we’ll be in the shop with Helen and Jamie! Chatting more on patterns and knitting 😊

So, if you fancy a lovely evening in, cosy, knitting with a Christmas mug (or Jar!) be sure to listen in to the Wild Yarn Shop at Christmas.

We’ll be on wherever you get your podcasts on the 29th of December, another little burst of Christmas Spirit 🎄🥳🤩

In the meantime... here’s some links to what we spoke about

Alice Starmore

The Rock and Gem show

Oldest piece of knitwear

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Helen Connington’s Kirsty shawl pattern

Yarndale knitting festival

John Arbon Textiles

Knit Evenly app


Norah Gaughan knitting design

Norah Gaughan’s knitted cable sourcebook on goodreads

Knit School by the Loveliest Yarn Company

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