New podcast episode!

We’re back! Feeling better and everything, with a brand new episode of the wild yarn shop podcast!

To celebrate my recovery, there’s a new podcast for you to download and listen to. This time Michelle enters The Wild Yarn Shop, looking to add to her impressive stash. We talk yarns, stitch markers, knitting maths, different minds and being the masters of your knitting universe!

Some of you may know Michelle from her own online shop, The Loveliest Yarn Company with it’s fantastic selection of yarns and notions. She also runs her fantastic knit school teaching you how to get the most out of your knitting, she’s so passionate and so invested in you knitting as best you can, find out more on her knit school website

Michelle later admitted to me that she missed the yarn shop after making the podcast as she wanted to go to the shop in real life. But of course The Wild Yarn Shop is a magical shop... but it’ll be there when you need it most...

I really enjoyed Michelle’s visit to the podcast and hope you love listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it for you. So make yourself a lovely cup of tea or coffee, get your latest knitting project in your hands and have a listen! Don’t forget to rate, subscribe and share with your friends!

Thanks for listening ☺️

Here are some links to some things we talked about:

Bristol Ivy Patterns

Kate Atherly

Lucy Davis

Coco Knits This is the US website but happily Michelle is a UK stockist

British Dyslexia Association

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