Illness stops play, episode delay

Hi everyone, it's shopkeeper Sophie here.

I'm afraid that the Wild Yarn Shop has had to close it's doors this week, because I'm ill. We’re a small magical business... With little old me.

I'm writing this from my bed, surrounded by used tissues - not exactly the ideal way of running a magical shop!, and apologies for the poor image.

While you’re waiting for your next trip why not listen to Sandra’s episode?

Have a listen as we welcome Sandra to our shop, to have a look around. Sandra isn't afraid to take on the big question we always ask ourselves - what to do with our yarn stash?!? Always a tricky question for me.

Do have a listen with a nice cuppa, and please remember to tell all your yarn friends about the Wild Yarn Shop!

We'll be back open for business next week, with a brand new episode and an exciting announcement coming up! Stay tuned for more information!

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