Giveaway time!!! - Giveaway Ended

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Thank you everyone who entered and took part!

The giveaway has now ended and our winner Kaylie has received her prize!

if you wanted to see what was on offer, keep reading below ☺️

Omg! It’s a giveaway!!!

Are you looking for something warm and snuggly, something as the long nights draw in, and you just want to curl up with a nice cuppa and a bit of knitting...

Fear not you could get your hands on this sock knitting bundle, and settle down for a nice listen to the wild yarn shop podcast. Compliments of the podcast’s friend Michelle of the Loveliest yarn company we have an amazing bundle for you! Sorry not sorry sock set of this gorgeous squashy yak sock yarn, not one but TWO sock patterns and a lovely tote bag to store your project in, should you ever want to leave the house!

Simply Click here to Enter!

To see the full range of Banshee yarns yak sock, you can find them all at the Loveliest yarn company!

I’ve felt the yarn and believe me, it’s a lovely as it sounds :) so soft and lovely it’ll be a treat for your feet and a pleasure to knit with as it runs through the fingers... and imagine the cosy warm feeling you’ll have curling up with it (while listening to your favourite Wild Yarn shop podcast)

For a chance to win these amazing prizes just enter and share the Wild Yarn Shop Winter Giveaway!

Click here to Enter!

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